Try Before You Buy

Get a feel for RainMachine by trying out our app before you buy one, no RainMachine device needed.

iPhone and Android RainMachine mobile app screenshotsLeft: RainMachine iOS screenshot showing the new Zones screen.
Right: RainMachine Android screenshot showing the new Advanced Zone Settings.

iOS & Android mobile apps

To access the RainMachine demo, simply download the RainMachine app from the App Store or Google Play Store (iOS or Android).


NOTE: Upon launching the app,, will be visible in the devices list. Keep in mind that this is "read only" and you will not be able to edit settings.

Web application

Try our RainMachine web application by using Google Chrome and navigating to

My RainMachine web application desktop screenshot

If you are a contractor or a water company please contact us for more testing opportunities. Thank you.