The home of the RainMachine.

“The Network is The Computer”
The home of the RainMachine.

Green Electronics was formed in Silicon Valley in 2010 with the goal to provide a modern, more efficient way of watering and controlling gardens. Based on the notion that "The Network is the Computer"1 the RainMachine product was designed from the ground up to be a powerful tool that empowers people to conserve the most precious resource on this planet: Water.


As the ultimate gardening device, the RainMachine empowers the gardener with the most weather aware, iOS and Android capable, multi-valve irrigation device on the market.

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1 garden at the time.

Thousands of RainMachines devices sold in California


Above picture is a map of California based Rainmachine Touch HD-12 devices operating in the US since from 2013 to 2014. Tens of thousands of garden zones turning on and off daily, 'modulated' by weather data provided by NOAA. This all adds up to substantial water savings!

OpenData, Open Source, Python and Embedded Linux.
Code. Share. Evolve.

As we make our evapotranspiration formula source code freely available, our work is verifiable and can be trusted. User contributions from around the world continue to support the RainMachine community and enhance the product.


By using Python—a high level scientific interpreted language—we encourage readability and provide instant verification, which are core values of the Open Source movement. All RainMachines run on hardened embedded Linux operating systems.


The RainMachine is using only open data sources from Governmental, National and International weather research institutes. We believe that free and open platforms are the only way to promote sustainability and advancement of the SmartHome.

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1 - John Burdette Gage (born 1942) was the 5th employee of Sun Microsystems, where he is credited with creating the phrase: "The network is the computer.".
2 - Internet of Things