RainMachine Integrations

RainMachine Pro-8/16 works with Apple HomeKit

"Hey Siri turn on Lawn for 5 minutes"

RainMachine Pro-8/16 and RainMachine Touch HD-12/16 with Apple HomeKit integration will work with your Apple devices.

With Apple HomeKit integration for RainMachine you will be able to manually start/stop a zone, change a default running time for each zone, queue multiple zones, change the status of a zone (active or inactive), change the zone custom names and use voice to command Apple Siri to start/stop a zone or check your sprinkler status.

Apple HomeKit - RainMachine Integration
Amazon Alexa - RainMachine Integration
Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, open RainMachine. Start zone 'Front Lawn' for five minutes and thirty seconds!"

You can ask Amazon Alexa and control your RainMachine. With Alexa, you can ask to start a zone, a program or stop all watering. Using Alexa is simple and hands-free – just ask.

RainMachine works with Google Assistant

"Ok, Google. Talk to RainMachine. Water 'Front Lawn' for five minutes and thirty seconds!"

You can talk and control your RainMachine. Talking with Google Assistant you can start a zone, a program or stop all watering. With Google Assistant is simple - just use your voice to command the RainMachine.

Google Home - RainMachine Integration
IFTTT - RainMachine Integration

"If temperature exceeds 100F, tell RainMachine to start water my flowers for 15 minutes!"

Use weather, calendar, email or messaging IFTTT services together with the RainMachine triggers and actions to create your own applets. Connect RainMachine with other IFTTT services and sky is the limit.

RainMachine works with Samsung SmartThings

"Stop lawn watering when I open the garage door!"

Create recipes using Samsung SmartThings app, just enable RainMachine and you're good to go.

Community developed extension

SmartThings - RainMachine Integration
HomeAssistant - RainMachine Integration
RainMachine works with Samsung SmartThings

"Start zone 'Front Lawn' for 2 minutes!"

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all RainMachine devices at home and automate control. Perfect to run a program, a zone, stop all watering, or just stop a running program or zone.

Community developed extension


"GET" /programs

Complete control on local network or remotely with our powerful API and developer tools.

RainMachine Developer API

We continuously look to integrate our RainMachine with other services, more integrations are comming.
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